It's very important that a Web site performs well in search engines. For this reason Australia Tourism Guide provides these Web tools to enable you to test out your Web site. These tools should be used as a guide only.

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Here are a range of Web tools and services that can help give you some ideas to launch your web site to the next level. Email Australia Tourism Guide if you require more information.

Website Design and Marketing

Kiwi Web Works has provided design, development and marketing services for the Tourism Guide network, and the tourism industry, for many years. Kiwi Web Works offers creative website design options with a focus on usability, search engine optimisation and user editing software. The company has an extensive portfolio and impressive track record, so it is well worth considering for any Web site design or marketing solution.

Visit Kiwi Web Works.


MailChimp is a Web-based email marketing tool that allows you to easily create html newsletters and email campaigns. It displays information about unique email opens, multiple opens, link clickthroughs, unsubscriptions and much more. MailChimp offer a free service for a certain number of mailouts, and a paid service for a fully comprehensive mailing program.

Visit MailChimp.

Rocket Rank

Rocket Rank was setup to provide a quick and easy way for Web site owners and operators to ascertain their search engine rankings. The full Advanced Rocket Rank service is available at a very cost-effective rate.

Visit Rocket Rank.

Rocket Mailing

A Web-based email marketing tool that will accurate measure the precise performance of your email campaigns. Instead of sending out your email newsletters in the dark, this software allows you to track unique email opens, multiple opens, link click-throughs and a lot more besides.

Visit Rocket Mailing.

Rocket Spam

Are you getting too much junk email? Rocket Spam intercepts spam and virus emails so that they don't get delivered to your mailbox. This sophisticated software is likely to filter and block 95% to 99% of your illegitimate email.

Visit Rocket Spam.

Flourish Communication

Flourish Communication is a marketing and public relations consultancy that provides growing businesses with the Web content and promotional tools they need to get to the next level. These tools are delivered as pre-planned solutions that can be customised to the needs of each client, along with the range of services typically found in public relations companies.

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