Australia Tourism Guide provides tourism operators with a variety of advertising options on the most extensive tourism, travel and holiday Web site in Australia. View more information about advertising on Australia Tourism Guide.

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Australia Tourism Guide provides tourism operators with an extensive range of advertising solutions, from simple listings to engaging audio-visual presentations.

As we have a huge profile in search engines, and thousands of visitors to our site on a daily basis, advertising on Australia Tourism Guide effectively means quality traffic is being driven to your door.

Your advertising options with us include:




For further information regarding advertising opportunities with Australia Tourism Guide, please email us or call us toll free on 1800 109 295.


A variety of listings are available to suit any budget and the marketing profile required.


Gain maximum exposure with prime positioning, logo, email address, direct-booking button, physical address, phone details and expanded internal search status.

Listing Example
  • Web site link
  • 60-word description
  • Title in uppercase
  • Top internal search
  • Top positioning
  • Your logo or image
  • Email, phone and address details
  • Direct-booking button
  • Enquiry button
  • Location map
  • Secure credit card centre
  • Hourly rotation feature


For a higher profile, consider adding a Category Feature listing. This can appear in your own category, or in a major category such as Transport. Only your business is featured so it's exclusively yours for the listing period.

  • Exclusive position
  • Web site link
  • 40-word description
  • Title in uppercase
  • Logo or image
Major Category Listing Example, Advertising Opportunities with Australia Tourism Guide


A web page helps increase the amount of information visitors can find out about your business while increasing search engine coverage. An ideal addition to any listing.

Get the very best out of your marketing dollar. This very popular add-on to a listing is designed specifically to get the best value out of your advertising.

Web Page Full Example, Advertising Opportunities with Australia Tourism Guide
  • Separate stand-alone Web page
  • Optimised for search engines
  • Provides independent marketing
  • Full business details
  • Quick loading and professional design
  • Summarises your business
  • Five images plus your logo
  • 500 words of text

As an added bonus, all featured web pages are profiled in our separate Featured Tourism Sites section.


Several types of banners are available including skyscrapers, full banners and tiles. For visual appeal, branding and impact, banners can be marketed for short or longer term coverage.


These skyscraper banners are large, eye catching and offers premium marketing for businesses on the go.


These marketing spots on the main menu are highly visible and with the exception of the home page, typically cover thousands of web pages within the site.

Tile Example, Advertising Opportunities with Australia Tourism Guide


Multimedia has various forms but is essentially rich content presented to the site visitor that includes combinations of text, audio, images, animation, video and interactivity. Normal Web sites are often quiet, static and word orientated. Multimedia is an ideal medium to capture the visitors interest further.


An audio visual clip is an engaging way to talk directly to your Web site visitors, verbally communicating your key messages which are reinforced with changing images.

Audio Visual Example, Advertising Opportunities with Australia Tourism Guide
  • Communicates your key messages and images
  • Professional studio-recorded voiceover
  • Excellent selection of background music
  • Appealing to your potential customers
  • Include it in your own emails
  • Add it to your Web site

Preview other audio visual clips: Lake Okareka Lodge  Rapids Jet


YouTube - You can now choose to upgrade your audio visual to YouTube. View the Brothers Boutique Hotel audio visual example added to YouTube.

Embedded Video - Embed your video directly into your Web site.

To view further audio visual clips, click here.

Further Information




For more information on promoting your business with Australia Tourism Guide, please email us or call us toll free on 1800 109 295.

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